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Wellness & Beauty Packages

In the Tree of Life you can enjoy relaxiation in a relaxing and exotic atmosphere. Ayurvedic, traditional and cosmetic massages, baths, sauna, steam bath, fitness training and more effectively help regenerate your body. 

The word beauty means to us fresh and vital complexion, healthy skin of the whole body, well-treated hands and feet. If you look good, you feel good as well. Strengthen your self-confidence and positive thinking.

Relax and Vital

Relax & Vital

A week in the spa is too long for you? Try the three-day stay with procedures to regenerate your tired body.

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Luxury Gift for Her

Choose a present you will really enjoy. We will prepare a mix of the best treatments for your body which will bring you not only the desired feeling of satisfaction but also a visible change.

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Luxury Gift for Him

Luxurious body care is not only for women. Therefore we have prepared this stay intended for all the men who want to have a rest and feel good.

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Treatments Offer

Tree of Life offers many treatments that help regenerate and relax your body. For beauty, relaxation and pleasure we have beauty treatments, massages, body wraps and more.

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