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Recondition Exercise

Exercise in pool with hydro massage

The activity is performed in small groups. It uses the fact that the water makes exercise easy and helps to mobilise all the muscles and joints in the body. It is performed in the warm pool which is only 130 cm deep and is intended also for non-swimmers. The pool is equipped with underwater massage jets and hydro massage bench which offers muscle relaxation after the exercise is finished. The exercise is led by a therapist.

Nordic Walking training

NW is walking with special sticks, which increases physical condition. During this walk, 90 % of muscles in the body work. NW trains the circulatory system and it strengthens muscles of not only the lower and upper limbs. Thanks to the sticks, the hip and knee joints are impacted less. Burning of calories increases by up to 50 % compared to the normal walking. The initial lessons are with an instructor.


In our facility we use Hatha yoga. It is a specific system of yoga the main part of which is asanas (body positions), pranayama (breathing control) and meditation (mind calming). The aim of Hatha yoga is body cleansing and the main reason for the practice of Hatha yoga is the improvement of mental and physical health.