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Classic Spa Programme

This programme is focused on therapy of specific movement problems which trouble you or restrict you in your everyday life. Every stay starts with a medical examination and ECG examination. 

The individual programme is prepared for you by the doctor on the basis of your medical history and overall condition.

The composition of treatments is prepared with regard to your mobility, your chronic diseases and possible medication. The length of the stay can be adapted to your requirements. However the minimum length of the stay is 6 nights.

Before joining this program, it is recommended to provide us with your medical report in order to assess suitability of the programme for your health condition.

Minimum 6  nights | full board | 3 treatments a day

Basic procedures:           

Number of procedures per week

Mud treatments2
Oxygen therapy3


Other procedures will be set from supporting procedures by our doctor according to your health condition. Please, see description of procedures below.

  • Treatments
    • PHYSIOTHERAPY is a system of sophisticated manual methods which help loosen up spasms, reflexively change tension and blood flow in the muscles, and help to increase the range of motion and relieve pain. The doctor determines the suitable method for the given client.
    • MASSAGES serve to release muscle tension, improve blood and lymph circulation, help drain accumulated toxins and warm up the muscles.
    • MUD TREATMENTS are a basic process in the therapy of the locomotor apparatus. With their extraordinary effect, they help to achieve the loosening up of deep joint, muscle and ligament structures. Their composition helps to regenerate muscles, ligaments and joints.
    • BATHS are a part of overall thermotherapy. The comprehensive warming up of the entire locomotor apparatus is part of spa therapy, preparation for physiotherapy, physical therapy and massages. Warming up the entire body improves circulation in the tissues, improves their regeneration, and increases the metabolism of all cells in the locomotor apparatus and the internal organs.
    • OXYGEN THERAPY is an essential component of basic therapy. Under normal conditions, you breathe air with 21% oxygen. The concentrators produce 95% oxygen, and ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen to tissues where there is an increased need for O2 (movement, regeneration, healing) or poor peripheral blood vessels (swellings, atherosclerosis). Thus, the tissues can improve the metabolism, and are prepared to regenerate and work better.
      Electrotherapy – laser therapy, magnetic therapy, remote therapy, biolamps, ultrasound, stimulation therapy, massage on a water bed, mechanical lymphatic drainage, paraffin wraps, conditioning exercises in a warm pool and in the gym, nordic walking, mechanical exercise on a Motomed, Balance Trainer, ShapeMaster rehabilitation tables, Huber Motion Lab, and others. The doctor suggests a combination of these procedures according to the client's state and condition.
  • The stay includes
    • accommodation in a four star hotel
    • full board in the form of a varied buffet
    • 1× initial medical consultation including an ECG test
    • preparation of an individual therapeutic program
    • consultation with the doctor once a week
    • 3 spa treatments a day
  • Price per person and night
     2. 1. – 31. 3.
    1. 11. – 21. 12
    1. 4. – 31. 5.
    1. 10. – 31. 10.
    1. 6. – 30. 9.
    22. 12. – 1. 1.
    Double room€ 130€ 140€ 155
    Single room€ 153€ 163€ 178
    Suite€ 179€ 189€ 204
    Suite – 1 person€ 224€ 234€ 249
    Extra bed€ 122€ 132€ 147
  • Additional services
    • free entry to the hotel pool
    • free entry to the Organic & Garden Spa zone (sauna, sanarium, Kneipp path, steam cabin)
    • free entry to the Fitness laboratory
    • high-speed internet access throughout the hotel including your room
    • spa fee included in the price of the stay
    • parking place included in the price of the stay
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