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Well-being packages

It is primarily us, who determine the quality and length of our life - by the way we behave to ourselves. Learn with us how to take care of yourselves and remain resilient, healthy and balanced according to the philosophy of wellbeing. 
With us you will experience and taste the all 6 primary ways to wellbeing: good sleep (sleep well) healthy food (eat well), regular and reasonable movement (move well), varied leisure time (play well), fulfilling activities (work well), and good relationships and feelings (feel well). 

Cure against fatigue

Do you feel exhausted, suffer from headaches and have problems with memory and sleep? We will help you find out what the cause of your problems is and show you how to get rid of them.

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7 Years Younger in 7 Days

A well composed programme which gradually activates all your energy centres and stimulates both the production of endorphins and other necessary hormones.

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Treatments Offer

Tree of Life offers many treatments that help regenerate and relax your body. For beauty, relaxation and pleasure we have beauty treatments, massages, body wraps and more.

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