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Exercise and Fitness

Exercise is the basic attribute of health. At the Tree of Life you can find many possibilities how to exercise efficiently. We use modern methods and equipment but also the ample opportunities provided by the surrounding countryside.

Indoor Activities

In the Tree of Life we have areas suitable for individual as well as group exercise with a coach. As a standard, we do keep-fit training, TRX or functional training. Exercise is always adapted to the abilities of the guests.

Outdoor Activities

Whenever the weather permits, we are happy to exercise outside.  We always prefer doing stretching and keep-fit exercise in the open air. All year round we also offer Nordic Walking with a coach.  There are many places in the surroundings which invite you to take a walk.

Exercise Equipment

The Tree of Life also includes a cardio zone equipped with a treadmill, stepper, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. For demanding clients we offer the peak of the contemporary exercise equipment – HUBER MOTION LAB advanced exercise and workout trainer for effective training.