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Organic Spa

Come and try the Organic Spa and enjoy Nordic sauna, various scents in the Sanarium or the Kneipp path. The Organic Spa will help you relax and boost your immunity and overall health.


In the Organic Spa you can visit a classic Nordic sauna. Taking a sauna is a great way to improve immunity, boost metabolism and release tension and relax after straining your muscles.

Kneipp Path

The Kneipp path consists of two separated pebble pools with hot (about 40 °C) and cold (about 12 °C) water. Walking through the pools with alternating temperatures improves blood circulation and pressure. Moreover, walking on pebbles massages your feet.

SANARIUM and Steam Bath

Unlike classic sauna, Sanarium enables regulation of temperature and humidity. You can also enjoy the healing effects of pleasant herbal scents. Or you can try a steam bath that stimulates metabolism, provides relief and has beneficial effects on the respiratory tract. 

Relaxation Area

The Organic Spa includes two relaxing zones with peaceful atmosphere. Visit them between the procedures and take advantage of their relieving effect.