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Medical Spa Packages

When backache or fatigue starts to interfere in your everyday life it is time to undergo a special treatment. Our doctors use physiotherapy, electro therapy, reflexology and treatment with medicinal peat.

Classic Programme

This programme focuses on treating particular motion difficulties which trouble or restrict you in everyday life. The treatment plan is prepared by a doctor according to your very needs.

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Comfort Programme

A comprehensive and intensive solution of your problems related to the musculoskeletal system. Unlike the Classic programme, it includes more targeted individual procedures.

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Intensive Programme

This programme was created for clients with severe mobility problems who require
the daily individual care of a physiotherapist.

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Get rid of back and joint pain

We will help you to loosen stiff muscles and relieve pain. With an individually prepared plan you will regenerate problematic parts, stop tiredness and reduce the impacts of stress.

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SLIM Programme

SLIM programme is a result of our long-term study of weight reduction. It helps clients to lose weight permanently and improve their physical condition.

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Medical treatments

Thanks to our specialists and sophisticated equipment, we offer a wide range of therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments for cure and regeneration of your whole body.

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