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Town of Lázně Bělohrad

This picturesque town lies on the foothills of the Krkonoše mountains in a beautiful and clean basin. The spa tradition here goes back to 1885 thanks to Anna, countess of Asseburg. And we are glad to continue this tradition.

The local rich peat deposits gave rise to peat spas. Nowadays they have been modernised and they provide treatments for both adults and children which have beneficial effects on all the musculoskeletal disorders – rheumatic diseases, spine pain, Bekhterev’s disease, arthrosis, post-traumatic and post-orthopaedic operation conditions. The spa has an excellent reputation both here and abroad.

In the surroundings of the town there is unique countryside with many forests as well as maintained folk architecture constructions. The area is interlaced with a dense network of marked tourist routes. Cycling routes are currently being marked as well.

A nearby trip destination of Byšičky is connected with the plot of a ballad Svatební košile by K. J. Erben from the collection of poems Kytice. From Byšice church there is a nice view with new stations of the cross. The Krkonoše observation point is one of the most beautiful ones in the whole area. In the village of Dolní Javoří you can find distinctive cottages. The intersection of the marked tourist routes is in the square in Lázně Bělohrad. 

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