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Initial & Follow-up Medical Consultation

A part of any therapeutic stay is given over to a consultation with a physician, who evaluates your health status, determines options for treatment and prepares a scheme of suitable procedures. An initial examination is completed, and in some cases it may also be necessary to undergo a basic biochemical examination and ECG test. The consultation with a physician takes place once per week.

Consultation with Nutritional Specialist

A nutritional therapist shall discuss your eating habits with you, and will remain an adviser and guide throughout the stay. It is their task to explain how to amend your diet for the better and advise on what you can do to enjoy eating healthily. Your meals at the spa will be adjusted accordingly, and potential food supplements, special underwear and other aids and devices are discussed with you. Recommendations are provided and an ideal diet is detailed for you to keep to when back home, all tailored to your individual needs.

ECG Examination

An electrocardiograph is used to record the electrical activity of the heart. This enables the doctor to assess whether or not your heart activity is in normal, and identify any issues should they exist. An ECG test can reveal damage to the heart muscle, such as ischaemia or arrhythmia.

Laboratory Examination

A basic spectrum of laboratory tests shall inform the doctor about the function of your vital organs, such as the heart, kidney and liver. In addition, the cholesterol levels recorded are important for calculating the extent of body fat with our InBody device.

InBody Diagnostics

This test is especially relevant for those who wish to begin to lose weight. The InBody unit is a sophisticated device that helps determine the composition of the body, such as the volume of fat, active body mass and total amount of body water. Subsequently, the information obtained permits your therapist to determine the scheme of weight loss ideal for you and then monitor any changes.