Upravit stránku

Regeneration bath with additives

This is a bath with additions of an effective substance which absorbs well in the organism in the bath thanks to the ideal blood circulation in the skin. The additions are herbal or mineral substances supporting the blood circulation, eliminating stress and tiredness, promoting relaxation and stimulating. When the hot bath is applied, the muscles relax, the joints become more flexible and heating of the organism and better circulation improve nourishment of muscles and joints.

Anna Maria carbon bath

A highly efficient treatment using CO2 bubbles which will cover the body in fine bubbles of gas. After the initial cold feeling, the bubble coat will induce pleasant warmth caused by dilatation of skin capillaries. Carbon dioxide is absorbed through skin and it helps to widen peripheral blood vessels, which improves the blood circulation mainly in the limbs and skin. This effect results not only in reduced blood pressure and improved heart function but also in better skin nourishment, flexibility and hydration.

Hydro massage bath

The bath is performed in a professional special bath equipped with the Air Jet system where air goes through jets under high pressure and massages the whole body. We apply the bath in several massage schemes in order to achieve relaxation and relax the muscle and psychological strain. These baths have positive effects on tired muscles, pain of back and nape, chronic pain after injuries and stiff muscles caused by wrong motion stereotypes.