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Peat Treatment

Natural Peat Poultice

For the poultice we will use a layer of heated peat several centimetres thick. The peat is placed on the selected body parts and the whole body is wrapped in a blanket. The heat accumulated deep in the tissue results in muscle relaxation and washing inflammatory products away, which results in tissue regeneration. The wrap will release the muscle tension, reduce pain and it has anti-inflammatory effects. It is used as a therapy for arthrosis, arthritis, spine pain and muscle pain.

Natural Peat Compress

The compress comprises of a thick peat layer placed between two membranes. The membrane by which the compress is placed on the skin is permeable and therefore it will enable direct effects of the natural substances. A thermal cushion will be placed on the impermeable side of the membrane which will ensure heating and blood circulation in the selected parts. The peat compress reduces strain, pain and cramps in the area of shoulder joints, cervical or lumbar spine and it also has regeneration effects on the skin.


This is an oriental steam bath which uses humid heat together with the effects of special clay.  The enchanting environment of the original spa creates an intimate atmosphere. Before entering the bath, you will get several lumps of clay of various colours which are intended for various body parts. You will spread the clay on the heated surface of your body and gently massage the skin. At the end the layer of clay will be cleaned off by light shower. Rasul bath regenerates, treats and cures. With regard to its temperature up to 50 °C, it can also be taken by clients with heart problems. It also has very good effects on psoriasis and allergic skin diseases.