Upravit stránku

Special Technology Treatment

LYMFOVEN and PNEUVEN mechanical lymphatic drainage

This is a pleasant treatment which helps to reduce swellings of lower limbs, feeling of “heavy legs” and cellulite. The machine works with a gradual pressure wave (the individual chambers of a special sleeve) which will support the muscle pump efficiently. The drainage helps to speed up the flow of lymph and stimulates an outflow of toxic and waste substances collected in the subcutis. The procedure is not suitable for persons suffering from varicose veins.

STARVAC mechanical lymphatic drainage

This is an effective procedure. The head of the machine comprises of two rollers between which a skin fold is pulled in under pressure. Gentle moves of the head guide the lymph flow centrally and stimulate the blood circulation in the area. The boosted lymph flow discharges toxins and excessive liquid from tissues. Collagen fibre is fortified. This is used to treat obesity and cellulite, regenerate skin and it can make the area of breast, stomach and bottom firmer.

EXILIS ultrasound liposuction

This is currently the most modern technology which significantly reduces subcutaneous fat. The device combines high-frequency ultrasound and infrared light in order to destruct targeted fat cells. The therapy is highly efficient and first changes can already be seen after the first treatment. A good result is visible after 4 treatments. After the treatment, we recommend application of STARVAC mechanical lymphatic drainage.

BODYKA Plus cavitation

A unique machine which combines a cavitation function with vacuum massage which replaces lymphatic drainage. It is an ideal choice for body forming. It uses low-frequency ultrasound which works in the lower layers where it breaks fat cells. Unlike EXILIS, the subsequent lymphatic drainage is performed immediately after the caviation. The procedure is therefore longer. The treatment results in the weight loss, change of the body shape and lifting effect in the treated area.


SOFTPACK is a unique technology enabling the maximum effect of therapeutic substances applied onto the body. The client is treated and then lowered slowly into water with the temperature of 37 °C while his body is divided from water by an impermeable foil. The client thus “floats” in the optimum environment lifted by warm water. SOFTPACK has very beneficial effects on the nervous system, cardiovascular system and muscle tonus.