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Conventional Relaxing Massage

This massage is intended for general relaxation. It promotes circulation in the superficial veins and lymphatic vessels, it improves tissue nourishment and reduces pain. It results in relaxation of the massaged mussels and absorption of swellings, sometimes it also has positive effects on headaches. Generally it induces relaxed feelings and positive mood. A conventional massage can be partial or total.

Underwater Massage

This massage is performed by a water jet in hot bath. A specialist massages selected body parts with a water jet with the pressure of 1 – 2 kPa. The underwater massage combines heat treatment and mechanical treatment. The massage releases spasms, eliminates backache and muscle tiredness. By means of the underwater massage it is possible to improve the appearance of scars and cellulite.

Hydro-Jet water massage bed

A dry massage bath. The water jet, which massages your body through a flexible foil, increases the overall blood circulation and decreases the muscle strain. It improves the oxygen absorption in the vein system, decreases the level of toxic substances in muscles and contributes to faster tissue regeneration. It increases endorphin production and improves peace of mind, decreases blood pressure and has positive effects on the circulatory system.

Hydro-Jet water massage bed

This is a conventional massage which uses ethereal essences and plant oils. It combines the effect of massage and unique effects of various essences or oils. This massage harmonises body and mind, releases load and stress and boosts immunity. During the massage, the oil penetrates to the deeper layers and positively influences pain, function of the individual organs and our mind. After the massage it is suitable to relax and enjoy the beneficial effects of the massage.

Hydro-Jet water massage bed

This massage is one of the methods of Chinese massage. The soles of the feet with their 7,200 nerve endings represent a map of organs in our body. Pressure treatment of the points and areas on the sole positively influences the blood circulation, regeneration and immunity. The massage brings relief of pain of muscles and joints as well as headaches. It improves allergy as well as insomnia. An important aspect is mind and body relaxation. The massage reduces stress impacts efficiently.

Hydro-Jet water massage bed

The pregnancy massage includes massage of lower limbs when lying on the back and back and nape massage when sitting. It is performed by a trained masseur and it avoids the stomach area as it is seen as risky. Massage of limbs supports blood circulation and reduces swellings and tired feet feeling. In pregnancy, the spine and back muscles are extremely strained and it is pleasant to release the muscle strain in the area of the cervical and lumbar spine.