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Classic Relaxation Massage

This massage will very pleasantly relax your whole body and mind. It helps circulation in the superficial veins, lymphatic vessels, improves tissue nutrition and relieves pain. Whether you choose a partial or full massage, this classic massage perfectly relaxes muscles, allowing the absorption of swelling, and sometimes even positively influencing headaches. You will leave from this massage feeling amazingly relaxed and positive.

Underwater Massage

This massage is a combination of heat therapy and mechanical treatment. The underwater massages is carried out by a specialist using a stream of water in a warm spa bath, which massages selected areas under 1-2 kPa of pressure. This massage relieves spasms and alleviates back pain and muscle fatigue. The underwater massage can also improve the appearance of scars and cellulite.

Hydro-Jet water massage bed

A dry massage bed, in which a jet of water massages your body through an elastic film. This increases total blood circulation and reduces muscle tension. It helps to improve the absorption of oxygen in the vascular system, reduces the level of toxins in the muscles and helps to speed up tissue regeneration. In addition, it supports the elimination of endorphins and improves your emotional well-being, reduces blood pressure and has a positive effect on the circulatory system.

Aromamassage ORNELLA

Breathing, energy and work of hands are the three key elements of this ancient form of fantastic one hour therapy of the body, mind and spirit that specialists call "Via della luna". Gentle and deep hand touch combined with refined energy through breathing, will make you feel natural lightness and inner peace and feel the flow of life energy. Effective moves are focused not only on the back, shoulders, cervical spine, arms and legs, but also on the abdominal area, hands, feet and heads, activation of primary energy centers, improvement of blood and lymph circulation.
If you can afford this massage, then you will agree that it is a very emotional experience and an incomparable sense of relaxation and awareness of your body.


Reflexive foot massage

This unique method uses the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine. The soles of our feet have up to 7200 nerve endings and thus represent a map of the organs of our body. By treating various pressure points and areas on the soles of the feet our experienced masseur can positively influence blood circulation, immunity and regeneration of the body. This massage can alleviate muscle aches, joint pains and headaches, and help relieve allergies and insomnia. An important effect is also physical and mental relaxation, and this massage also effectively reduces the effects of stress.

Pregnancy massage

In the sensitive period of pregnancy some parts of a woman's body are over-stressed, especially the spine, back muscles and the cervical and lumbar spine. Besides relief from back pain this special massage for expectant mothers will also help relieve swollen legs. A trained masseuse performs the massage with you in a supine and half-sitting position. It focuses on the areas of  back and neck, and of course completely avoids the abdominal area. Massaging the limbs promotes blood and lymph circulation and reduces swelling and the feeling of tired legs.