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Hands and Feet Treatment

Paraffin hand poultice

If you are looking for a way how to eliminate stiffness of small joints in your hands and improve your fine motor skills, paraffin is one of the most effective options. Hands are immersed in warm paraffin several times in a row and a paraffin film is thus formed on the skin. Then your hands will be wrapped in linen and stay in the wrap. The paraffin application will improve mobility significantly and reduce pain of small joints in hands. In addition to that, the condition of your nails will also be improved.

Silk Hands Treatment

This cosmetic treatment uses positive effects of fruit acids on skin. The client first takes a bath of hands with fine oil. After the bath peeling is applied and then a wrap with regeneration effects. The treatment is complemented with reflexology massage and application of nourishing cream to hands and nail beds.

Silk Feet Treatment

This procedure also makes use of the beneficial effects of a paraffin poultice. Paraffin is brushed onto the feet, which are then positioned to allow it to drain off, and then they are wrapped. When the skin feels pleasant, warm and the feet are softer, they are given a special massage to encourage lymph drainage on the soles and around the ankle. Finally, special cosmetics are put onto the skin. These soften the skin, relieve the sensation of heavy and swollen feet, and reduce cramp.


The first step of this procedure is a footbath in a mineral solution. This fine salt bath softens the skin and allows for the hard skin to be removed from the heels and under the toes. Meanwhile, the skin is dried and the treatment then applied to the nails and nail beds, which is carried out by very fine filing when dry. Using a special device, the soles of the feet are also filed very finely. Following this form of mechanical care, the feet are treated with a special cream and the nails are polished.