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Magnetic Therapy

Therapeutic use of magnets has a long history. Magnetic fields have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects in the organism, they increase blood circulation in tissues, release spasms, reduce swellings and promote healing. Magneto therapy uses the effects of the electromagnetic field applied by means of a cylinder or mat.


This is a medical electric current treatment without having to apply contact electrodes (distant electro therapy) with an additional effect of photo therapy. During the therapy, deep tissue and organs are heated, local metabolism is boosted, absorption of chronic inflammatory, post-traumatic and post-operation filtrates is promoted and ligament elasticity is improved. The therapy has significant analgesic effects.

Mechanical stimulation therapy

Mechanical stimulation therapy is one of widely used physical therapy treatments. It can be applied by means of electrodes or by means of vacuum suckers. When indicated and applied correctly, this treatment has highly analgesic effects, releases muscle tonus and increases blood circulation and thus it helps to eliminate tissue swelling.


In case of ultrasound, the electric energy is transformed into mechanical energy which will ensure micro massage of tissue and into heat energy which will boost circulation in blood vessels. It is a very pleasant treatment which positively influences arthrosis, sciatica, neuralgia, contusion, distortion and cramps in muscles. It has a cosmetic effect of scar elimination.