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Individual exercise

Individual exercise is led by a therapist. After several sessions, the exercise helps to reduce the muscle tonus, relieves pain and thus it improves the motion range of joints and spine. Most often they are soft techniques, reflexology massage and application of cups.  

Soft Techniques

Soft techniques are a system of special grips for restoration of the muscle and tissue tonus and mobility. They improve joint mobility and relieve pain.

Reflexology and Ligament Massage

This is a massage which can only be taken after an examination by the doctor. The massage uses reflex points and thus it influences remote organs which can be stimulated or inhibited. There are also overall effects on the organism which are either calming or stimulating. The response of the organism continues for up to 48 hours and if the massage is performed well, it has long-term results.


Cupping is an old Chinese method during which a heated cup is placed on the skin and negative pressure is crated under it. When applied to the skin, the surface layer of the muscle is pulled in and blood circulation is boosted significantly. Just after one treatment, you can feel an surprising relief.