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Slim Laboratory

Slim Laboratory

SLIM Laboratory at the Tree of Life Spa resort – the only institute in Europe employing effective combination of VANQUISH ME, X WAVE, EXILIS, LYMPHAPRESS and STARVAC for long-term weight reduction.

Treatment at SLIM Lab can be done as an outpatient or during your stay. If you want to achieve the maximum effect, choose the SLIM programme. This programme combines state-of-the-art technologies, appropriate diet, exercise and rehabilitation. This combination enables us to achieve excellent weight reduction.

The treatment is not suitable for women who are pregnant or in the six weeks following childbirth, individuals being treated with anticoagulant therapy or with metal implants, or patients fitted with a pacemaker. The suitability of the treatment is decided by the physician based on a preliminary consultation.

SLIM Lab analysis

  • Medical consultation (always for Vanquish, Exilis and X-Wave treatments)
  • Consultation with nutrition specialist
  • InBody analysis

SLIM Lab technology

  • X–WAVE



Slim Lab for other clients

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