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Wellness massages

Hot Lava Stone Massage

Here, the skin of the whole body is massaged by warm stones in the direction of the energy paths of the body. Stimulating these pathways calms the nervous system, making the body fully relaxed and normalising bodily functions. This massage can stimulate the energy centres of the organism (chakras), thereby harmonising the flow of energy in the organism. A very pleasant treatment, it will lend you a new lease of life.

Aroma massage ORNELLA

This is a classic massage to promote regeneration, which makes use of ethereal oils and plant oils to combine the effects of massage and the unique influence of such oils. During the massage, the oils penetrate into deeper layers and positively influence any sense of pain, along with the function of various organs and the mind. This massage harmonises your physical and mental state, alleviating any feelings of burden and stress, while also boosting immunity. Once it has finished, it is recommended to enjoy a further period of relaxation to extend the beneficial effects of the massage.


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