Upravit stránku


The herbal and mineral substances in the bath promote blood circulation, stimulate and relieve stress and fatigue. The warm bath relaxes the muscles and increases the flexibility of the joints. Warming of the body and increasing blood circulation also improves muscleand joint nutrition.


Activity is carried out in a special bath equipped with a professional Air Jet system, where air flows through the jets under high pressure and massages the whole body. These baths have a positive effect against muscle fatigue, back and neck pain, they will also help you with chronic pain after injuries and muscle stiffness caused by poor movement stereotypes.


This treatment uses the properties of carbon dioxide bubbles. During the bath, the body is enveloped in fine beads of CO2 and after an initial sensation of cold, the bead mantle induces a pleasant warmth. The carbon dioxide is absorbed through the skin and helps to dilate the peripheral blood vessels of the skin and extremities. This effect will not only help to lower your blood pressure and make your heart work easier, but also improve the nutrition and elasticity of your skin.

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