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"Mary Anne" Carbonic Bath

When taking this style of bath, the body becomes enveloped in fine beads of the gas. After an initial feeling of coldness, this layer of beads induces a pleasantly warm sensation caused by dilatation of the capillaries of the skin. As the carbon dioxide is absorbed by the skin, the peripheral vessels are opened up, boosting the circulation of blood, mainly in the extremities and the skin. This not only helps reduce blood pressure and enhance the function of the heart, but also supports nourishment, elasticity and hydration of the skin.

Regenerative Bath with Additives

This is a bath boasting the addition of an active substance, which is efficiently absorbed by the skin in the warm water under ideal conditions for perfusion of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The herbal and mineral substances in this bath encourage circulation of the blood while also promoting the elimination of stress and fatigue. When in the warm bath, the muscles become pleasantly relaxed and the flexibility of the joints is increased. The body warms up and benefits from better blood supply, simultaneously increasing the nourishment of muscles and joints.

Hydro-massage Bath

This kind of bath features so-called Air Jet – a professional system of nozzles through which air flows under high pressure so as to massage the entire body. During the bath, several massaging methods are alternated to facilitate ultimate relaxation and release of muscular and mental tension. These baths have a positive effect against muscular fatigue and back or neck pain, and can aid recovery from chronic pain after injury and reduce muscle stiffness caused by poor routine forms of movement.

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