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Physical Therapy

Electrotherapy / VAS-Remote Electrotherapy

The technique involves the use of electrotherapeutic currents without the necessity for contact electrodes (remote electrotherapy) combined with the effect of phototherapy. During the treatment, the deep, inner tissues and organs are warmed up, the localised metabolism is boosted and improvement is seen in the absorption of chronic inflammatory, post-traumatic and post-surgery infiltrates as well as the elasticity of ligaments. The therapy has significant analgesic effects.

Laser - scanner

A laser is a monochromatic, polarised light. Our therapists utilise a non-invasive laser with a special bio-stimulation effect. Bio-stimulation heightens blood circulation and enhances the strength of bodily tissues, supports the renewal of collagen and accelerates regeneration, as applied in cosmetology. The action of the laser on the locomotor system produces strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It can also be used to significantly improve bruisings, tendinitis, arthrosis and neuralgia.

Lympha Press – Compression Therapy, Treatment of Cellulite and Obesity

A friendly procedure that helps fight swelling of the lower limbs, a sense of “heavy legs” and cellulite. The device uses a progressive pressure wave that effectively promotes the muscular pump as the individual chambers of the special sheath become filled. Drainage helps speed up the flow of lymph and stimulates the removal of toxic and waste substances accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue. The procedure is not suitable for people with varicose veins.

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