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Slim Laboratory


Works on resistant fat pads, sculpting the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs, shaping and toning the skin around the knees. Effectively addresses cellulite and reduces stretch marks. Eliminates jowls and visibly reduces wrinkles on the neck. Significantly stimulates collagen and elastin, thus helping to smooth the skin.


This device allows selective concentration of high frequency energy in the subcutaneous fat cells. The energy creates a powerful thermal effect in the subcutaneous tissue, which leads to the breakdown of the fat cells. It is a non-contact, non-invasive procedure that removes up to 50% of subcutaneous fat cells in just a few treatments. The flat adjustable arm allows large areas to be treated. The goal of the treatment is to achieve fat volume reduction mainly in the waist, but the device can also be used to treat thighs and buttocks. A questionnaire must be filled in before application or a physician must be consulted


Like the Vanquish Me, this device works by concentrating high frequency energy in the subcutaneous fat cells. The powerful thermal effect leads to the disintegration of the fat cells. It is a contact treatment where no anaesthesia is required. We use Exilis for the treatment of smaller areas and resistant fat pads.


The instrumental compression therapy facilitates the flow of lymph. The treatment accelerates the movement of loose fat from the interstitial spaces into the venous system, promoting venous return and helping to reduce swellingin the lower extremities.

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