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Vanquish Me

A ground-breaking technology for contactless removal of fat, it destroys fat cells without damaging the tissue in the vicinity of the fatty layers. It is a friendly, non-invasive treatment, wherein a radio-frequency applicator is placed above the treated region to warm up the subcutaneous tissue to 40°C – a temperature at which fat cells disintegrate. The selective action facilitates treatment of large areas with minimum risk of damage to muscles and internal organs. The aim is to achieve reduction in the volume of adipose tissue, mainly around the waist, although the device is effective at treating the thighs as well.

X-WAVE Aesthetic Shock Wave

The X-WAVE unit destroys fat in places where we fail to break it down through diet or exercise.  The shock waves distort the fat cells that disintegrate after the treatment. The device stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin and stretches the subcutaneous muscle fibres, so the skin looks smoother, healthier and younger. The X-WAVE procedure is ideal for smoothing the skin after invasive liposuction treatment.

Lymphapress – Treatment of cellulite and obesity

A friendly procedure that helps fight swelling of the lower limbs, a sense of “heavy legs” and cellulite. The device uses a progressive pressure wave that effectively promotes the muscular pump as the individual chambers of the special sheath become filled. Drainage helps speed up the flow of lymph and stimulates the removal of toxic and waste substances accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue. The procedure is not suitable for people with varicose veins.

Starvac – Mechanical shaping of problematic areas

A very effective procedure using Starvac – a special unit with a head made up of two rollers that pull in – under pressure – a fold of skin between them. By carefully moving the head of the device, we can route the flow of lymph centrally while stimulating blood supply to the area in question. Boosting the passage of lymph removes toxins and excess liquid from tissues and strengthens the fibres of collagen. Starvac helps to fight obesity and cellulite, regenerates the skin of the body and – with vacuum therapy – can even strengthen the area of breasts, abdomen and buttocks.

Exilis – Ultrasound Liposuction

A contact technology that significantly reduces subcutaneous fatty tissue. The device combines high-frequency ultrasound and infrared light so that targeted destruction of fat cells occurs. The therapy is used to treat difficult sites, such as fatty layers in the lumbar area and along the sides of the body.