Upravit stránku



This massage is a combination of thermal and mechanical treatment. Underwater massage is performed by a specialist with a stream of water in a warm bath. A targeted stream of warm water massages selected areas. The massage relieves spasms, back pain and muscle fatigue. Underwater massage can also improve the condition of scars and cellulite.

CLASSIC MASSAGE partial/comprehensive

This massage will induce a very pleasant relaxation of the whole body and mind. It supports circulation in the superficial veins, lymphatic vessels, improves tissue nutrition and relieves pain. Whether you use the partial or total version, the classic massage perfectly relaxes the massaged muscles, encourage the absorption of swelling, and can even positively affects the headache.


In the sensitive period of pregnancy, some parts of a woman’s body become overloaded – particularly the backbone, the back muscles, and the region of the cervical and lumbar spine. The main effect of this treatment is relief from back pain. The massage will be performed by a trained masseur in a semi-sitting position. They will focus on the back and neck area and of course avoidthe abdominal area completely.


A dry massage bath is very pleasant procedure. A stream of water is used to massage your body through a flexible foil. It increases the overall blood circulation and reduces the muscle tension. This method facilitates better oxygen absorption in the vascular system, reduces the level of toxic substances in the muscles and contributes to faster tissue regeneration. The massage promotes the release of endorphins and improves your psychological well-being.

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