Upravit stránku



For the wrap we use a local natural source of peat from our spa territory. It is used in the treatment of arthritis, spinal pain, and muscle pain. The extracted peat is crushed, mixed with water, and heated. The client is placed on a thick layer of heated peat, or we cover selected areas with peat. The accumulated heat reaches deep into the tissues, relaxes the muscles, washes away inflammatory products and helps tissue regeneration. The wraps relieve muscle


For the compress we use a local natural source of peat. Usually, we use a thick layer of peat which is placed between two membranes and applied to the affected area. On top of the poultice, we apply a heat cushion to pleasantly warm affected part of your body. The peat compress reduces tension and pain in the shoulder joints, cervical and lumbar spine and has a regenerative effect onthe skin.


Paraffin treatment is one of the most effective ways to remove stiffness in the small joints of the hand and improve fine motor skills. Your hands will be dipped in a pleasantly warm paraffin to create a paraffin film on the skin. We then wrap your hands in a cloth and leave them in the wrap. The application of paraffin will significantly improve mobility and reduce pain in small joints. The wrap also has beneficialeffects on the nutrition of the nails.

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