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Natural Peat Compress

Wraps of peat have proven to function very well in therapy for conditions such as arthrosis, arthritis, pain of the spine and muscular discomfort. The wrap comprises a layer of warm peat several centimetres thick. The material is used to encase the selected parts of the body. Then the entire person is wrapped in a blanket. The accumulated heat transfers into the body’s tissues, freeing up muscles, flushing out products of inflammatory processes and rejuvenating tissues. The pack eases muscle tension and pain and boasts anti-inflammatory effects.

Natural Peat Poultice

Our poultices are made by putting a thick layer of peat between two membranes. Of these, the permeable membrane is applied to the skin to permit the direct action of natural substances on the selected location. A thermal cushion is then placed on the waterproof side of the membrane to pleasantly warm up the body and ensure that selected parts of it are supplied with blood. Peat poultices reduce tension, pain and convulsions in the area of shoulder joints and cervical/lumbar spine, and can even promote rejuvenation of the skin.

Paraffin Hand Wrap

Treatment by paraffin is one of the most effective ways to remove the stiffness of small joints of the hand and improve fine motor skills. Your hands are submerged into the hot paraffin repeatedly to form a paraffin film on the skin. Afterwards, they are wrapped in a cloth and left in the pack. The application of paraffin significantly improves mobility while reducing the pain of small joints. The wrap has also positive effects on nourishment of the nails.

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