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Machine Exercise

Shapemaster Powertone

This method involves the use of sophisticated electronic beds that are effective in promoting the activity of muscles while placing no strain on the spine. The beds are ideal for getting the body into shape after a long period of inactivity. The philosophy behind it is to work with the body effectively instead of putting any excessive burden on it. Shapemaster Powertone can restore muscular tissue, shape the body, aid muscles after injury, reduce weight and more besides.


Huber Motion Lab

This unique multifunctional device can strengthen the body, mobilise the joints in a safe manner, train muscles and generally provide comprehensive rehabilitation. Unique in design, it enables the body to burn off fat almost immediately – in the first three minutes of exercising. The preset programmes include strengthening the abdominal muscles, shaping the buttocks, building up the lower limbs and enhancing core muscles around the spine. The Huber Motion Lab monitors the results achieved, making it ideal for training sessions for sportspersons.

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